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It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, sorry about that, life's a bit hectic. I've been reading a lot of Twilight and Harry Potter crossovers lately, all slash of course, if you opened to it read the recs below.


In This Life  by DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan 

139,480 I 56 I  M
A03 or FF = Both

Synopsis: Harry was adopted by a couple who move to America. His adopted parents die leaving him with his adopted uncle who abuses him. He attends Forks high school, meets the Cullen's who show him how good life can be. Sirius finds out where Harry is in the nick of time. He's adopted by Sev and Sirius, just as his parents and twin enter his life. He shows them the door. A war is brewing...

Emerald Twilight  by RestartingInsanity
A03 or FF = Both

65,535 I 26 I  M
Non-magic, AU,
Synopsis: When Harry moved to Forks to be with his dad, he never expected to fall in love with a classic vampire. Nor did he expect to have a nomad vampire named Tom Riddle Jr. become madly obsessed with him. Edward/Harry

Another Beginning  by DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan 
A03 or FF = Both
 87,641 I 38 I  M
Synopsis: Harry defeats voldemort and ends up apparating to America fatally wounded. To end up in the hands of the Cullens - Who turn him. Back home Severus and Draco are arrested, Does he remember? does he go back to England to find out and save them? Harry starts a NEW BEGINNING for himself and Edward.

Piano Man  by DarkestAngel13
A03 or FF = Both
180,202 I 45 I T 
Synopsis: Harry needs a break from the attention of being a hero. The minister helps him out by sending him away with a baby, a housemate, and a guard. Amidst highschool and romance, Harry learns that he can let himself be taken care of. 

 Fire and Ice by  LynnWiley
A03 or FF = Both
45,411  I 15/?   I NC-17 
Synopsis: After Jasper slips and kills Bella Swan, he breaks away from his family in the attempt to come to terms with his mistake. While hunting in the magical world, he finds his true mate in a chance meeting in the Forbidden Forest. Harry Potter, after having just witnessed the death of his beloved godfather, finally decides to turn his back on the Light Side of the war. Both Jasper and Harry embrace each other as well as their darkness and relish in the destruction left in their wake.


Hope to post in a few days!! 
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 When someone had told me that Power and Pride was Lucius/Harry pairing and that I should read it I was flabbergasted. I had only read Snarry and a few Sssssssssssssssss (that's Tom Riddle/Harry) Intrigued I decided to give it a go, thinking it wouldn't be that good of a pairing....I was wrong. Best pairing next to Snarry, Drarry, and Harrymort put together. So I bring to the table a few competed Power and Pride fic's that I am sure you will love. 

Butterfly by Aisling-Siobhan
LMHP Harry was always told he was a bit like a Caterpillar and one day he'd be a Butterfly too. Sorted into Ravenclaw, Harry learns that sometimes it's much harder to keep secrets than it is to tell lies. But it could be worse: he could be a Slytherin!

Winter and Ice by Dinkel 
It looked like Dumbledore's newest plot to interfere in Harry's life and to supposedly make him happy, but as it turned out landing back in time and falling in love was merely Fate's idea of a good joke. LMHP, DMHP, eventually LMHPDM! Read the warnings!

Furry Magic, by Neichan
Harry Potter catches a nasty virus and his whole world changes.
Inheritance by Woodland Goddess
Lucius is ordered to infiltrate the Order, but he has his own motives. What happens when he meets Harry, who has recently come in to his creature inheritance? Contains slash. Don't like, don't read.

Unexpected Things by malika-azrael
Harry suggests to hire Lucius as DADA teacher in order to get information. Lucius agrees because he's curious & wants to use Harry to further Malfoy's family influence. What will happen next as they both become attracted to each other?
Bonded by maramarie (Tear jerker)
Draco has been killed in the final battle and at the will reading Harry learns something he never expected! Warnings M/M, creature fic
Still reeling from Dumbledore’s death and the knowledge of the only way to defeat Voldemort, Harry’s life becomes even more complicated. As his inheritance approaches, his powers grow in surprising ways.
Harry's world is coming to an end as he receives a creature inheritance and takes on both sides of the war in an epic tale. HP/SS/LM Slash. Violence, Torture, minor character death

Jade Green Eyes by Jendra

Harry found a way to hide from a world that wanted too much from him. Crossdressing, Harry/Lucius slash Sequel to Mythic Alliance don't need to read it first


Cub by SnapeRulesMaraudersDrool

AU/OOC Voldemort dead, Harry is abducted from Privet drive by a presumed dead Remus. Where has Remus been and what secrets of Harry's family does he know? Warn slash mpre,creature fic


Formans Familia by Michally

AU at the end of OOTP. Harry has been hiding what he really is capable of for years, after a strange occurrence in the DOM he gains a family and gets the opportunity he needs to change the world. Independent!Harry, Powerful!Harry, Creature!Harry, Grey!Harry.


The Scars of Human Nature by yaoigirl22

When he was left with his family, they disappeared. Now thirteen years later the wizarding world, both Dark and Light are in for a shock. Meet It.


Houseboy by MarauderNextGen

AU/OOC Eighteen year old Harry Potter has found his trust fund dried out and in need of work he answers an ad for a houseboy. But when the employer turns out to be Lucius Malfoy, what will happen? warn slash HP/LM,


In the Dark by IamSlytherin

Harry was straight or so he thought, but after a passionate kiss with Lucius Malfoy, will Harry be tempted into a relationship with the man? And how will he react when he walks in on his godfather in bed with Snape? HP/LM,SB/SS au/ooc

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 Special treat tonight, we have here creatureharry, meaning Harry as a elf, vampire, winged, snake, cat, etc. Guess who is owner, mate, mentor will be? Draco or Severus. (I have decided to go with this form of links it doesn't take up so much space and it's faster so I will be going back on posts to edit them. Links are the titles) 

Howl for Me Amethyst Jachyra by 1x2 -- Saved from an attack by Death Eaters, Harry finds himself in the Forbidden Forest, being attacked by a beast known as a Jachyra. With Voldemort hot on Harry's heels, and new bonds being formed, it's time to end the war once and for all. WARNING! MPreg is mentioned in the last chapter of the second part, so consider yourselves forewarned. Also two torture scenes very mild.

Taint by asnowaowl -- Harry's been infected, but with what?

Unwanted by Sly Stir -- Harry isn't what anyone thinks he is. Hermione tries to figure our why he is suffering. Will anyone notice The-boy-who-lived is the boy-who-is-hiding? Takes massive plot liberties with the first five books. Destroys HBP. 

Indago by LdDurham -- A missed potion reveals a secret about Draco and Snape and Harry finds out his own place in their sexually charged and animalistic hold. Will he be able to adjust to this final battle for a peaceful life? 58 chapters, NC17. 

Indago: Reborn by LdDurham -- Sequel to "Indago". Harry and Draco are older and wiser... but still vulnerable. 33 chapters, NC17. *warnings*

Indago 3 by LdDurham -- Sequel to "Indago" and "Indago:Reborn". Time is a cyclical thing. Running from danger and fear does not make it go away, and it may make a new target of those close to you. 24 chapters, NC17. For all three Indago fics: Pairing is actually more H/D with a bit of Snape tossed in.

Into My Hands by [personal profile] eriador117 -- Harry discovers his true heritage. 

CatHarry, FelineHarry!

A Bittersweet Potion Series by Alchemia Dent & Bugland -- SS/HP. Harry gets the gift to turn into every animal he wishes. He slinks around the dungeons mostly in the shape of a cat. 

Cat!Harry by Hijja -- Gen. Harry is training to become an Animagus in a surrounding appropriate to his soon-to-be species. Now if they could just keep out the pesky Death Eaters..

Chatty Cat by jellybean88 -- H/D. Potions can be dangerous. Especially when they explode.

The Company You Keep by [personal profile] ravenna_c_tan -- SS/HP. The war is over. Severus Snape wants to be left alone. Draco wants Snape. Snape decides a stray cat is a better companion than a Malfoy, given what he learned about both Malfoy and Potter in the days after Voldemort had captured Harry. NC17. 

Curiosity and a Cat by maja_li -- H/D. Auror Potter drops a Transfiguration potion in his boyfriend's personal lab, now he has to deal with the outcome. NC17. 

Disenchanted by cluegirl -- SS/HP. Sent to Privet Drive to intercede in a domestic dispute, Severus finds that Harry Potter is not quite feeling himself. NC17. 

Emerald by Starflower-Gem -- H/D. Draco likes Harry, Harry likes Draco. Neither are planning on doing anything about it. so their friends team up and trap Harry in his animagus form and 'give' him to Draco. PG13

Everybody Wants to be a Cat by Lychee -- SS/HP. Harry, in his Animagus form, finds himself getting tickled by his dear Potions professor. He discovers some very strange and disturbing things about himself…and another person. 4 chapters, R. 

An Inconvenient Affliction by drachenmina -- SS/HP. Harry’s been kicked out by Severus and is having to share Ron and Hermione’s spare bed with Crookshanks. Who gets Kneazle Flu. Can things get any worse? Oh yes. NC17. 

Kitty Kisses by monoceros_writ -- H/D. Will Draco’s new friend bring him the love of his life? R. 

Kitty Love by phoenixmaiden13 -- HP/TR. Harry has an accident and gets turned into a cat! If that wasn't bad, he finds himself in the hands of his enemy. Follow Harry as he tries to find a way to freedom, or will he want to? R.

Little Black Cat by Wolverinegal -- HP/SS/TR. Harry gets stuck as a little black cat... 

Lucky Black Cat by [personal profile] alisanne -- H/D. Draco has decided that thirty is his lucky year. PG. 

A Most Impractical Cat by [personal profile] drachenmina -- SS/HP. AU. During the horcrux hunt, Harry goes to Malfoy Manor in his guise as a cat to try and find Helga Hufflepuff's cup. Things do not go according to plan. NC17.

Open Doors by zionsstarfish -- H/D. Harry Potter is dead. Or is he? PG13. 

Pop Goes the Kneazle and Part 2 by wemiss -- H/D. Prompt: I just pictured Harry catching a rare wizard flu that makes him turn into a cat when he sneezes and back to himself whenever he coughs up a furball or something. PG13. 

Paws in Training by Magdalena and Ataraxis -- SS/HP. A glass of firewhiskey can go a long way to making things right. R. 

Time to Spare by EmySabath -- H/D. Voldemort has a plan to catch Harry out of bounds and cast a spell to send him back two hundred years, but all does not go as planned and Harry isn't as gone as he'd thought... 29 chapters, WIP, PG. 

The Twelfth Night: A Faerie Tale by [personal profile] igtow -- SS/HP. He lives in solitude, stripped of the life he once knew, until one Christmas a new life comes to him, changing him forever. R. 

Cat isn't just cat. These fics feature Harry as feline in a larger sense, i.e. as tiger, lynx etc.

Furry Magic by neichan -- HP/LM. Harry catches a nasty virus. They are were-leopards.

Harry Potter and Dumbledore's Army by Cat Calls -- Gen. In his 6th year, Harry has to come to grips with his lot in life. He's awoken during the summer by horrific visions, forcing him to realize that he must train himself not just physically but mentally as well. 40 chapters, PG13. Harry is a lion, and his friends are Animagi as well.

To Have and to Hold by MontanaDan -- SS/HP. Visions from the Dark Lord are incapacitating Harry. Snape decides to help, regardless of whether Harry wants his help. Features a possessive Snape and a sarcastic cynical Harry. 14 chapters, NC17. Harry is a panther. Sequels: To Have Not and To Have and to Keep.

Lion About the House by sinick and ac1d6urn -- Written for nimori's Harry Animagus Challenge. HP/SS, NC-17. Harry is a lion.

A Panther's Heart by Copper Vixen -- H/D. Harry gets captured while in his animagus form and finds himself sold to the father of his worst enemy. Bound as a familiar, his duty to his owner makes him see a new light and make new friends within the dungeons of Howarts. 31 chapers, PG. Harry is a panther.

Sacrifices Arc by Lightning on the Waves -- H/D. Saving Connor begins an AU of Harry Potter's school years, the Sacrifices Arc, where Harry's twin Connor (bearing a heart-shaped scar) is acknowledged as the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry and Connor have a loving relationship, and Harry plays the role of personal bodyguard/silent support for his brother to the hilt. 7 mulitchaptered fics, complete, R. Harry's form is a lynx.

Secret Heart by [personal profile] alaana_fair -- H/D. Draco had long ago admitted to himself that he'd fallen in love with the tiger, but he still refused to admit that he'd fallen in love with the man. That admission would simply cost too much. NC17. Harry is a tiger.

A Star and a Stray Cat by [profile] winnet -- H/D. Draco wanted what Harry had: family, job, an Animagus form, love. Harry wanted Draco. R. Harry is a lynx.

Tiger, Tiger by Keikokin -- HP/LM. When Harry mates as animagus, what are the results? With whom did he mate? PG13. Harry and partner are both tigers.

Tyger! Tyger! by [personal profile] tigersilver -- H/D. no summary given, but includes ‘tigers, body transformations into something not typical, licking, snowflakes; scenario: the typical bonding veela mate thing complete with territorial nature, marking, almost animalistic protectiveness; squicks: submissive men, feminized men’. They're both Siberian Tigers. NC17. 

Where the Heart Is by [personal profile] leni_jess -- HP/SS. Severus makes himself a home and a new life in a place he knew long before Hogwarts. Eventually someone from the wizarding world joins him in both. Harry is a Kneazle.

You Can Run But You can't Hide by sugareey -- H/D. Draco keeps brooding over his life until he meets a new friend. Little does he know that it is someone he has met once before. It is not until his life is endangered that Draco realises he should reconsider things when his life is saved...again. PG13. Harry is a panther.

 If you know any other platforms this story has been published at, please let me know by commenting below or emailing me the link(s), If you want to see a story on this list, that's not already on it, please email me at label the Subject fanfiction recs


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