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 When someone had told me that Power and Pride was Lucius/Harry pairing and that I should read it I was flabbergasted. I had only read Snarry and a few Sssssssssssssssss (that's Tom Riddle/Harry) Intrigued I decided to give it a go, thinking it wouldn't be that good of a pairing....I was wrong. Best pairing next to Snarry, Drarry, and Harrymort put together. So I bring to the table a few competed Power and Pride fic's that I am sure you will love. 

Butterfly by Aisling-Siobhan
LMHP Harry was always told he was a bit like a Caterpillar and one day he'd be a Butterfly too. Sorted into Ravenclaw, Harry learns that sometimes it's much harder to keep secrets than it is to tell lies. But it could be worse: he could be a Slytherin!

Winter and Ice by Dinkel 
It looked like Dumbledore's newest plot to interfere in Harry's life and to supposedly make him happy, but as it turned out landing back in time and falling in love was merely Fate's idea of a good joke. LMHP, DMHP, eventually LMHPDM! Read the warnings!

Furry Magic, by Neichan
Harry Potter catches a nasty virus and his whole world changes.
Inheritance by Woodland Goddess
Lucius is ordered to infiltrate the Order, but he has his own motives. What happens when he meets Harry, who has recently come in to his creature inheritance? Contains slash. Don't like, don't read.

Unexpected Things by malika-azrael
Harry suggests to hire Lucius as DADA teacher in order to get information. Lucius agrees because he's curious & wants to use Harry to further Malfoy's family influence. What will happen next as they both become attracted to each other?
Bonded by maramarie (Tear jerker)
Draco has been killed in the final battle and at the will reading Harry learns something he never expected! Warnings M/M, creature fic
Still reeling from Dumbledore’s death and the knowledge of the only way to defeat Voldemort, Harry’s life becomes even more complicated. As his inheritance approaches, his powers grow in surprising ways.
Harry's world is coming to an end as he receives a creature inheritance and takes on both sides of the war in an epic tale. HP/SS/LM Slash. Violence, Torture, minor character death

Jade Green Eyes by Jendra

Harry found a way to hide from a world that wanted too much from him. Crossdressing, Harry/Lucius slash Sequel to Mythic Alliance don't need to read it first


Cub by SnapeRulesMaraudersDrool

AU/OOC Voldemort dead, Harry is abducted from Privet drive by a presumed dead Remus. Where has Remus been and what secrets of Harry's family does he know? Warn slash mpre,creature fic


Formans Familia by Michally

AU at the end of OOTP. Harry has been hiding what he really is capable of for years, after a strange occurrence in the DOM he gains a family and gets the opportunity he needs to change the world. Independent!Harry, Powerful!Harry, Creature!Harry, Grey!Harry.


The Scars of Human Nature by yaoigirl22

When he was left with his family, they disappeared. Now thirteen years later the wizarding world, both Dark and Light are in for a shock. Meet It.


Houseboy by MarauderNextGen

AU/OOC Eighteen year old Harry Potter has found his trust fund dried out and in need of work he answers an ad for a houseboy. But when the employer turns out to be Lucius Malfoy, what will happen? warn slash HP/LM,


In the Dark by IamSlytherin

Harry was straight or so he thought, but after a passionate kiss with Lucius Malfoy, will Harry be tempted into a relationship with the man? And how will he react when he walks in on his godfather in bed with Snape? HP/LM,SB/SS au/ooc


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